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"In the last few games, their performance is not good, lack of vitality, lack of urgency, and the level of competition has declined. I am a little worried about them." It turns out that Gary Neville's pre-match worry is not redundant. Lester in combat caused a lot of trouble to the Red Devils by relying on simple anti-countermeasures. Solskjaer's team has gone through a hard fight and won the Champions League tickets and found a way to improve and upgrade the 4231 formation.

“在过去的几场比赛中,他们的表现不佳,缺乏活力,缺乏紧迫性,比赛水平也有所下降。我对此有些担心。”事实证明,加里·内维尔的赛前担忧并非多余。战斗中的莱斯特依靠简单的反对策给红魔带来了很多麻烦。 Solskjaer的团队经过艰苦奋战,赢得了欧洲冠军联赛亚愽体育滚球的门票,并找到了改善和升级4231阵型的方法。

Since the rematch, Leicester's state has been down. At the last moment of the Four Wars, the injured fox had run out of ammunition and food, Rogers could not continue to use the four-back system, and could only change to three center-backs to save the field. Compared with the Tottenham game, Rogers adjusted three starters for this campaign. Barnes, Perez and Bennett were replaced by Chowdhury, Ishinacho and Justin.


"We want to go there to control the game, we have to go to Leicester with this idea, and then we have to beat them, we will not change our approach, we want to go there and try to win the game." Solskjaer His pre-match speech revealed the "military aircraft". His strategy is to use the ball and pass to mobilize opponents, use offensive and defensive methods to win on the away field, and make up for his lack of physical fitness.


After the opening, Leicester organized the defense in the backcourt, and Manchester United did not encounter much difficulty in the advancing stage. Manchester United tried to open the gap from the wing, but just like the FA Cup game against Chelsea, the opponents made good use of the width advantage created by the five backs and blocked Manchester United's wing channel.


Recently, Luke Shaw's injury has a great impact on Manchester United's offense and defense. Luke Shaw has certain problems with his pass selection in the frontcourt, but his frequent off-ball insertion can contain the defense and help Rashford gain more space to handle the ball. Rashford's recent downturn is due to physical problems on the one hand, and changes in his partner on the other.

最近,卢克·肖的伤病对曼联的进攻和防守产生亚愽体育滚球了重大影响。卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)在前场的传球选择有某些问题,但是他频繁的出球插入可以抑制防守,并帮助拉什福德获得更多的控球空间。拉什福德最近的低迷一方面是由于身体问题,另一方面是由于伴侣的变化。

With Luke Shaw missing, Wan Bi Saka's braking effect as a strong side rear drive is mediocre. Wan Bi Saka's defensive ability is undoubtedly, his breakthrough is relatively sure, what is lacking is the stability of the cross.

由于卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)失踪,万碧萨卡(Wan Bi Saka)作为强大的后侧驱动器的制动效果不佳。万比萨卡的防守能力无疑是他的突破,相对来说是肯定的,而缺乏的是十字架的稳定性。

Leicester played more conservatively in the first half. After stealing the ball, they directly used a long pass to contact the two forwards. There were not many attempts to advance without the ball. Matic completed 9 steals and 2 interceptions in this campaign, showing a top-notch midfielder. However, due to the large area that needs to be covered and the slow speed of his own movement, Matic’s defense area has been pierced by Leicester many times, and Maguire and Lindlov’s last defense played a key role.


Pogba and Matic are tall and slow to turn around. They are very risky to catch the ball in front of the central defender. Manchester United should not adopt the 4-2-3-1 position when playing the ball. After several dangerous situations, Manchester United adjusted the position of the backcourt. Matic retreated to the guard line to receive the ball, and attacked with the ball from the front. Rashford came to the midfield to assist the midfielder to make the ball. .

Pogba和Matic身材高大,转身慢。他们在中后卫面前接球非常冒险。踢球时,曼联不应采用4-2-3-1的位置。在几次危险的情况下,曼联调整了后场的位置。马蒂奇退到后卫线接球,并从前线进攻。拉什福德来到中场,协助中场打球。 。

Pogba performed well after his "come back" and Matic just won a long-term contract. This pair of partners with an average height of more than 1.90 meters will still be Manchester United's preferred midfielder combination in the future. The game against Chelsea and Leicester is tantamount to a wake-up call for Solskjaer. Manchester United’s current main lineup is a bit top-heavy, and the movement and coverage of the double defensive midfielder combination is not enough to maintain balance. Mike Tow on the bench Menet and Fred are inferior to Matic in their comprehensive ability, and the three-center/five-back should still be regarded as the blueprint of choice in the strong dialogue.

波格巴“复出”后表现不错,而马蒂奇刚刚赢得了一份长期合同。这对平均身高超过1.90米的合作伙伴在将来仍将是曼联队首选的中场组合。对切​​尔西和莱斯特的比赛无异于成为索尔斯克亚的一个警钟。曼联目前的主力阵容有些沉重,而且双重防守型中场组合的移动和掩护不足以维持平衡。替补席上的迈内·托(Menet Tow)和弗雷德(Fred)在综合能力上不及马蒂奇(Matic),在强硬对话中,三中五后卫仍应被视为选择的蓝图。

The first chance Manchester United created in this field came from playing behind. When the cross after the wing penetrated could not create a threat, the visiting team regained a simple attacking routine. Rashford did not participate in the pass after retreating, but sent a few long passes behind him. Pogba's several long passes from the top also created a threat.


After changing sides, Leicester stepped up the high position and Manchester United continued to rely on possession to consume opponents. Chilville, Ricardo Pereira and Madison are absent. Leicester encountered trouble in the advancing stage. After falling into position, the wing attack also lacks changes. When suppressed in the backcourt, they can only use long passes to resolve Pressure, Maguire's frontal defensive ability has room to play.


Frequent ball ownership changes have created confusion, and the ability of frontcourt players to seize opportunities is very important. Before Greenwood connected with Martial to make a penalty kick, Matic and Bruno Fernandez made a coordination error in the backcourt, but Leicester failed to seize the opportunity to attack.

频繁的持球变化造成了混乱,前场球员抓住机会的能力非常重要。在格林伍德(Greenwood)与武术队(Martial)进行点球前,马蒂奇(Matic)和布鲁诺·费尔南德斯(Bruno Fernandez)在后场犯了一个协调错误,但莱斯特未能抓住机会进攻。

When it was time to strive for three-pointers, Rogers’ first adjustment was just a match-up substitution. Ayoze Perez took the ball in the frontcourt, and the weight of the midfielder still rested on Endidi and Joe. Duri shoulders. Manchester United stepped up the frontcourt at this time, which can be said to have caught the opponent's seven inches.

是时候争取三分球了,罗杰斯的第一个调整只是对位换人。阿约兹·佩雷斯(Ayoze Perez)在前场接住球,而中场球员的重担仍然落在恩迪迪和乔身上。杜里的肩膀。曼联此时加强了前场,可以说已经抓住了对手的7英寸。

At the beginning of taking office, Solskjaer showed good management methods and public relations skills, and won the opportunity to become a positive with a wave of winning streaks. This season, Solskjaer was able to alternate between the two formations as needed, and his deployment during the strong dialogue was often bright, gradually dispelling people's doubts about his business capabilities. In the process from fighting the fire to fighting for four, Solskjaer has shown his talent as a famous coach, and the top management of Manchester United has given him full trust. The young coach repaid him with efficient signings and excellent team building.


Manchester United's wasted time in the past few seasons, largely due to inefficient signings. In the first two transfer windows he personally participated in, Solskjaer completed a "5 of 5" home run, one move to make up for the homework of his predecessor. If Manchester United can continue to strengthen in the next summer window, Solskjaer may be able to find the answer to the 4231 system balance problem.

曼联在过去几个赛季中浪费了时间,这主要是由于签约效率低下。在他亲自参加的前两个转会窗口中,索尔斯克亚完成了“ 5比5”的本垒打,此举弥补了他前任的功课。如果曼联可以在明年夏天继续加强实力,索尔斯克亚也许能够找到4231系统平衡问题的答案。

The first phase of the construction of the new Manchester United has been basically completed, but the key factor that determines whether Solskjaer can become the next "Ferguson" is whether he can win enough championships. This requires strength and luck. Before the creation of the Red Empire era in the Premier League, Ferguson had led Manchester United to a number of cup championships, and Solskjaer could write history in a similar way.


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